In 1934, R.N. Elliott's landmark study of stock market trends showed that prices in the indexes are patterned. Elliott discovered that investors, as a group, swing from excessive optimism to excessive pessimism in predictable waves. He found that the upward and downward swings of the mass psychology always showed up in the same repetitive patterns, which were then divided further into patterns he termed "waves".

In turn, Elliott offered evidence of his discovery by making astonishingly accurate stock market forecasts.

What appears random and unrelated, Elliott said, actually traces out recognizable patterns — once you know what to look for. He called his discovery The Wave Principle, and the implications were huge. He had identified the common link that drives the trends in human affairs, from financial markets to fashion, from politics to popular culture.

Theory Interpretation
The Elliott Wave Theory is interpreted as follows:

  • Every reaction is the result of an action.
  • Five waves move in the direction of the main trend followed by three corrective waves (a 5-3 move).
  • A 5-3 move completes a cycle.
  • This 5-3 move then becomes two sub-divisions of the next higher 5-3 wave.
  • The underlying 5-3 pattern remains constant, though the time span of each may vary.
There are a total of 13 basic patterns that are formed as per Elliott Wave Theory, once a person learns to recognize each of these patterns he/she will also have the ability to predict the markets with a huge accuracy. The course covers the all the patterns explained on a live chart and also how to use Fibonacci and other techniques in conjunction with them to predict point precise targets and stop loss.

The course is divided into 41 Lectures + PDF Notes and I also keep updating the course with New Examples each week so that students keep learning new things.
The practical goal of any analytical method is to identify market lows suitable for buying (or covering shorts), and market highs suitable for selling (or selling short). The Elliott Wave Principle is especially well suited to these functions.

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