Global Markets Desciption in brief

Market expectation from budget 2016-2017
February 15, 2016
Current Income Tax Slab rates before budget
February 22, 2016
There remain a bit confusion among people as if which global market has which Index. So as a part of awareness among people i am sharing the information to clearly understand this relation in brief.

              Index                                Country       
 Dow Jones Industrial Average       United States
 S&P 500 INDEX                           United States   
 Brazil Bovespa Stock Index          Brazil   
 Canada S&P/TSX 60                    Canada   
 Santiago Index IPSA                    Chile   
 IPC                                             Mexico
 FTSE 100                                    England   
 Euronext 100                                Europe   
 CAC 40                                        France   
 DAX                                            Germany   
 Swiss Market Index                      Switzerland
 Australia ASX All Ordinaries          Australia
 Shanghai SE Composite Index      China   
 Hang Seng                                   Hong Kong
 Mumbai Sensex                           India
 Nikkei 225                                   Japan
 Taiwan TSEC 50 Index                 Taiwan

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