How much amount should be invested in multibaggers ?


Stock Market is like a huge forest which is fun exploring, but is risky too. Investment in share market must be done with caution and with some related person's advice.

Before investing in stock market, one question strikes our mind that "With what amount can i start with?" I have come across many friends who ask me this question and i think, they are absolutely good to ask before investing. I also came across few people who invested heavily in their 1st scrips and never invested again in any other scrips because their 1st scrip gave only loss to them.

So I decided to write this post for everyone and i request you to follow what is discussed below before putting any of your money in our stocks.

If you are totally new to us, then it is not easy to believe and in doing so you are perfectly right as a unknown person. So just by seeing our past performance, you shouldn't invest a corpus amount in any stock. So it is better to start with a small amount initially, you can start with 3k or 5k and once you get totally satisfied with our service then from next year you can start increasing  amount to 10k, 15k etc. 

But please keep in read one golden rule that whatever amount you decide , you invest equal amount in all the stocks and also make sure that you invest in all the stocks. Only then, one can actually judge our service. Our returns are calculated on yearly basis not as per every stock. Our Last two year returns of multibagger series are 37.4% and 39% (approx.) respectively. So if you invest consistently following profit booking technique, we believe that you will always be in profit.

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