Top 100 Companies with Market Capitalization
February 2, 2016
Market expectation from budget 2016-2017
February 15, 2016
Every time, there has been a steep downfall, investors loose lot of their money. This time as the world economy seems in trouble (mainly China,US, Germany, France). It seems this bearish mood of sensex may continue and world may soon see a major depression much bigger than 2008-09 (just my opinion, your may be different). The real estate sector of US is looking in bad zone and this sector is crucial backbone of any country.
Our Indian markets are also not untouched by global scenario has fallen from 9119 (4 march 2015) to 7031 now with 23% correction. Now NIFTY P/E is @19

See how market gave returns in span of 3 years.

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