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December 3, 2014
Update – Atul Auto
December 3, 2014
Hello stockholders..! The third stock in my bag is Jagan Litech Lamps.
Jagan Litech is in the Auto Ancillaries sector. The current market
capitalisation stands at Rs 10.33 crore.The company has reported a
standalone sales of Rs 5.00 crore and a Net Profit of Rs 1.55 crore for
the quarter ended Sep 2014.

It is a 10.0 face value stock, EPS of 3.33 and P/E of 4.44. It is currently trading at 14.41 lesser than its book value of 20 so it attractively valued.
It is virtually debt free company so is good for new investment and excellent for long term holding giving multi-return.
It can  be put in pocket from here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Good Share, looks likes penny stock.