SER Industries
December 11, 2014
Update – Lincoln Pharma
December 14, 2014
Hello stockholders…! Today We will discuss new stock Kausambi  Vanijya.
Kausambi Vanijya is in the Miscellaneous sector. The current market
capitalisation stands at Rs 97.43 crore.The company has reported a
consolidated sales of Rs 0.77 crore.
The company is mainly into Trading in sarees. The

company has a wide variety of sarees from plain to

designer and cotton to silk. The main object of the

company is to cater to the growing industry and offer its

products to all the age groups. The company is slowly

progressing towards becoming a one stop shop for all the

retailers. The company is planning to venture into trading

of other merchandise products through the existing chain

of Whole-sellers and retailers. 

It is a 10.00 face value stock with very high astonishing  P/E of 2570, While from September 5, it has grown three times in just 3 months and is still on the way towards the hill.

It is expected that the stock is going to reach new highs with mind blowing chart after the approval of split as date of split is yet to come.
So one can enter in the stock with own concern of mind.

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