Profit Booking Technique

If you are new to our website you should go through this page with full attention before starting investment in our multibagger stocks. And if you are new to stock market and investing please go through our Risk profiling page, there you will get answers to some very basic but important questions like, when and how much amount should be invested in stock market and in our stocks. Our core team generate multibaggers at regular intervals and these are released for short term positional gains.
You can add the stocks at or +/- (5% to 7%) of the recommended price.
Suppose you  invest in a stock at CMP 100 and bought 100 stocks worth Rs. 10,000. Then the profit booking can be performed as follows :
1. When stock reaches Rs.120, Sell 50% holding i.e. 50 stocks (+Rs. 6,000)
2. When stock reaches Rs.140, Sell 50% of remaining holding i.e. 25 stocks (+Rs. 3,500)
Total Amount Recovered = Rs. 6,000 + Rs. 3,500= Rs. 9,500
3. Hold remaining 25 stocks  for almost free with your own target or sell @Rs.140 with overall 30% profit.
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