Update – Kausambi Vanijya, SER Industries, ABC Gas and Info Drive Soft
December 29, 2014
December 31, 2014
Hello stockholders…! Today finally, we are at the last day of year 2014 and we have all enjoyed investing in this record breaking year for the markets.
Many stocks went many fold with in year and few stumbled around their CMPs, but overall if were deep investor, you would have enjoyed profits.
Many stocks of our blog show huge profits and few dig down too(!), but if you had invested as per guidelines in the post  Right Way of Investing in Stocks of my Blog,  then you should be in good profits.
Leading performer of our blog as today were :

ATUL AUTO – 663.10 (reco 350, 90% profit return),adjusted price after split.
INFO DRIVE SOFT –  1.00 (reco 0.64, 56% profit return), adjusted price after split.
KAUSAMBI VANIJYA – 305 (reco 205, about 50% profit return)
8K MILES SOFTWARES – 605 (reco 428, profit return 41%), although went high of 800

Other excellent performers were : ABC GAS (35%), SER Industries ( 32%), NeoCorp International gave huge profits and booked about 65% profit, La OPALA RG made highs near 500 (after split value.), RATHI BARS, and METKORE ALLOYS  gave good trading opprtunities with over 50% profits.

Few diggers were also there including SASKEN, IPCA LABS  and SUPER Spinning.

With the end of this year, I have also decided to follow SEBI restrictions, and will not be posting stock specific information, as trading is my interest not a profession, although i may remain in touch with my e-mail id  info@share-tips.in.
And in the last post, I will be publishing a list of 15 companies which will make you money multiply with least risk.


  1. Jaya says:

    Dear Madhup

    thanks for your efforts. Wish you a Happy New Year !!

  2. Jaya says:

    Dear Madhup

    thanks for your efforts. Wish you a Happy New Year !!

  3. Madhup says:

    Thanks for appreciation dear.! and Wish new year bring lots of profit to you.