Ultramarine & Pigments Ltd – BLOCKBUSTER OF THE YEAR 2015

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January 9, 2015
OverView of Our Last Year Work
August 9, 2015
Dear friends, after lot of insightful research and analysis. I have come across a blockbuster stock for year 2015.
The stock belongs to the most promising sector of dyes and pigments. The ascending demand of its major products in the industry is major factor for its viability and strong management is the key for its promising future.

Here I took a view on their latest report and came across by two outstanding directors in their company as follows : 


Name of the Director :  Mr. Navin M Ram (DIN. 02410242 )Age 42
Qualification BA, Economics, University of Rochester
Expertise in specific functional areas– Building and managing global product business (fixed income, equities) in Asia Pacific, Middle East and South Africa.
-He was a Executive Director in Goldman Sachs
-As an Entrepreneur, he had set up a software development Company
named Origin Wave for supporting customized development for top
hedge funds in the World.
Shareholding in the Company : Mr. Navin M Ram holds by himself 500 equity shares (qualification shares) in the Company.
Directorship in other Companies: 1.  Pipe Hangers and Supports Pvt. Ltd,  2.Blue Bay Personal care Private Ltd. 
Name of the Director : Mr. S. Ragothaman (DIN. 00042395 )Age 69

Qualification : Fellow member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.
Expertise in specific functional areas :Mr. Ragothaman possesses more than 3 decades of rich experience in the field of Project Appraisal, Project Financing and Management.
-He served as a General Manager of ICICI Ltd, a leading Financial
Institution, now called ICICI Bank for more than three decades. 
-He has been offering advisory services to Companies in the areas of fund mobilization, mergers and acquisitions, business restructuring, micro-finance etc.
He has been a guest faculty in leading educational Institutions, LIBA -Chennai, IFMR – Chennai, RBI Staff Training College – Chennai to share his knowledge and experience in the areas of project
finance, Risk management and microfinance.
Shareholding in the Company : Mr. S. Ragothaman holds by himself 500 equity shares (qualification shares) in the Company.
Directorship in other Companies
(i)The Bombay Dyeing and Manufacturing Company Ltd
(ii) XPRO India Limited
(iii) Hinduja Foundries Limited
(iv) Shreyas Shipping and Logistics Ltd
(v) Xpro Global Limited
(vi) Shreyas Relay Systems Ltd
(vii) Digjam Limited
(viii) National Peroxide Limited
Membership / Chairmanship in Committees:
Mr. Ragothaman holds chairmanship in 4 committees and membership in 8 committees.

S.No         Products/ Services        %age of total turnover of company

1.               Surfactants                                     47.14%
2.                 Pigments                                       34.94%
3.                    ITES                                           16.77%

Shareholding of Promotors:
                                                 At the beginning     At the end of year
                                                    of year(%)                   (%)

1. Thirumulai Chem Ltd.              10.43                      10.43
2. Santhanam Sundararajan        4.19                        4.19
3. Sridhar Sundararajan              3.95                        4.19
4. Indira Sundararajan                 3.31                        3.52
5. R Samphat                                  2.59                        2.82

And other promoters have also increased their holding, listed here only few of them, showing the company is too much positive about their products and performances.

54 th  Annual General Meeting
Date & Time
7th August, 2015 at 3.30 p.m.
Mysore Association Auditorium, Bhaudaji Road
Matunga, Mumbai – 400 019
Dividend declared
150 % (Rs 3.00 per share)
Dividend eligibility
For : Registered Member
Physical Shares : As on 7th August, 2015
Demat Shares : At the close of business hours on
30th July, 2015 as per the list of
beneficial ownership furnished by the Depository Participants.
Book closure
From 31st July, 2015 to 7th August, 2015

(both days inclusive).

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