Markets near F&O Expiry
June 26, 2014
Budget Week starting July 7 onwards
July 3, 2014
Dear Stock holders, new government is going to present its first budget on July 10, 2014, while rail budget is to be presented by government on July 08, 2014. You need to keep close eye on the distribution of money in various sectors.
1.  It is largely speculated that coal, mining and metals are going to be given preferences as for last five years, these sectors were worst performing.
2.  Furthermore, energy distribution and infra sector also need to be keenly observed. For general traders, it is safe to invest in PSU BANKS till budget.
3.  Also they can take above specified stock but please clear off  their positions 2-3 days before the budget to avoid risks. Risk takers can ride on their horses anyway.

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